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China ceramic sanitary ware industry e-commerce marketing strategy the review analysis
COFE Sanitary Ware Co.,LTD.-  Time:2012/8/30 10:38:53

Recently, China electronic commerce association and other departments jointly issued by data display, up to the end of June 2012, 31.8% had network shopping (online shopping rebate) experiences of Internet users in the process of the net was in direct encounter fishing websites or fraudulent websites, e-commerce meet cheat users of scale up to 61.69 million. See the news, the author in addition to shock and regrets, some lawless elements under the disguise of e-commerce, the network bank and credible brand, leave no stone unturned to entice users to elaborate design fishing site, diddle user privacy information and money, lead to cheat in the scale of Internet users reached 61.69 million. And every year because of fishing websites or Internet fraud website to the damage caused by not less than 30.8 billion. As a consumer, facing the appalling number, can not regrets? Can not help but ask, "fishing" web site flood hazard huge, why?

"Fishing" web site's survival and flood has two aspects, on the one hand, the fiery e-commerce market to the fishing site symphony, Internet users when the net the effect lead to fall into the trap, or for the eagerness of interest by some promotional activities blind; On the other hand, the net related laws, the mechanism still is not perfected, phishing behavior concealed, investigate difficulties, low cost, high return, low risk, GaoLiYi, created a huge black interests chain. The network shopping and traditional shopping way in, obvious advantages, but its virtual sex, liquidity, openness, no regional boundary and electronic commerce development bring a lot of restriction, and at the same time, the traditional law brings many challenges. China's current law to curb Internet fraud is very weak, it is also leading to netizens rights difficulties. At the same time, because of many reasons, China's social credit system is not perfect, the lack of social credit is easy to permeate in e-commerce. In addition, the network itself has some characteristics, such as trade widely participation, transaction of virtualization, time and space KuaYueXing, etc., but also enlarge the credit problems.

At the same time, the author paid attention to the current electronic commerce as ceramic and sanitary ware enterprise a new sales channels constantly recognisable. In fact, household enterprise in electronic commerce is not news, there is a relatively mature operation mode. In a foreign country, with the European and American countries, for example, in France, Germany and other European countries, the electronic commerce generated turnover has accounted for more than a quarter of the total amount of business in the United States, as high as it by more than a third, and Europe and the United States the development of e-commerce also however just more than 10 years of time.

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