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Sanitary ware industry electronic commerce
COFE Sanitary Ware Co.,LTD.-  Time:2012/8/30 10:41:15

Whether the taobao C2C, B2C day cat, or vertical line of B2C Tokyo stores, dangdang and furniture building materials industry vertical platform such as sina music in, home is, and future are carrying on the development. Day cat's latest news showed that in 2011, taobao 600 sanitary ware brand in business network market, including international famous brands toto, kohler, American standard, Hans lattice, and probe, music home, and into, etc., the domestic well-known brand FaEnSha wei yu, wrigley wei yu, east peng fittings, huida wei yu, constant jie wei yu and so on also in the day and cat stay take electronic business. From 2009 to 2011, the day the cat wei yu class at present are each year turnover increased by 400%. And foshan some ceramic sanitary ware enterprise has begun e-commerce marketing, such as egon ronay long for family wei yu, beauty can be new sanitary ware etc have been without the mall to the beaches.

Ceramic industry do electronic business enterprise at present is less, before some peng opened TaoBao mall, at present has shut down, but for a year sales more than $30 enterprise is concerned, the current sales very little. If ceramics brand to enter TaoBao mall, to set up a special taobao sales team, distribution of the work. Be professional first to focus, to make certain goals, check and supervise the mall sales team work quality, the open recruitment taobao talents, let it to become more professional. At the same time light by a taobao shop is not enough, to support online agent, the enterprise in the enterprise official website to the agency function, provide data packet, specialized customer service service and a series of management system, secondly still can choose taobao distribution platform and so on. As for the question of price, suggested that the price unity pipe melt, the agent to review its proxy qualifications, to its system discipline management, was subjected to certain of punishment. In shipping aspects should be handed over to local dealers, because such ability can achieve a win-win situation, a won't disturb price system, two can share a little local dealers stock pressure. How to go the network marketing approach, the key is to rationalize business model, highly unified direction, each department comprehensive cooperation, so the successful opportunity more, just do open up a new world.

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