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Quality policy:
Continuously improve and perfect quality management, continuous to customers with reliable and satisfied with the products and thoughtful, timely service, to the pursuit of constant and exceed the expectations of customers, become a global sanitary ware industry leader first.

Quality aim:
Customer satisfaction was 98.5% (monthly)
Product qualified rate was 98% (monthly)
Customer TouSuLv < 1% (monthly)
Timely delivery rate was: 98% (monthly)

The enterprise spirit:
Unity - build a mutual understanding and cooperation team;
Innovation -- how to continually open thinking, beyond the self, in step with The Times;
Effective - to save time is to reduce costs, is to save resources, is to create wealth.
Learning - get, and drawing on the essence, promote value, create the future!

The enterprise values:
The company takes customers as the focus, continuous product innovation, technology innovation, perfect organizational structure design, to improve the talent mechanism construction ability, reasonable employing, full play of human resources for the company with the great interests. Realize customers, suppliers, the company, employees and the society and mutual benefit mutual into!

Enterprise moral:
Be loyal to their duties, honest labor, quality and quantity assured
Fair trade, the good faith will polite to customer, the convenience of our customers, wholeheartedly service
Loyalty, selfless, hard-working, thrifty, unity, honesty, self-improvement, courtesy, observance of discipline and trustworthiness
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